About Karen

I use drawing as a way to connect to people and as a tool to cope when I can’t. Through my line work I reenact memories never before revealed and autobiographical situations I am trying work through. I draw simply and apply color intentionally. I unapologetically work through skewed perspectives and long-ago traded the idea of perfection for spontaneity of thought and style. I am happy to show you my side of the stories.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design from Central Connecticut State University and studied illustration at the School of Visual Arts including an intensive summer residency program: Illustration and Visual Storytelling: Art and Industry. The residency was taught by some of the best illustrators in NYC and was attended by many professional illustrators working internationally. I have tackled a vast array of graphic design projects for 28 years and my focus on illustration has been on editorial work, surface design and my daily practice includes developing diary comics.

I am blessed to spend my days as a creative director at Visionaries + Voices in Cincinnati, OH. Client list is on portfolio page.

More: I like petting dogs, floating in lakes, people-watching, taking afternoon naps, taking risks, visiting chinatowns, laughing with friends, mixing paint, rearranging cheese platters into cheese sculptures, and catching fish.