Wave Pool Annual Report

We just wrapped up the Wave Pool FY2020 Annual Report! This was a dream project, where I got to work with Cal Cullen, one of the co-founders of this dynamic Cincinnati non-profit. Not only was I charged with designing this 36 page book, but illustrating the portraits throughout.

Wave Pool had an unprecedented year and was able to EXPAND their programs  while helping the community beyond art programs, with food delivery and financial support.  They’re located in an old fire house, so I proposed the idea of using fire fighter imagery in the report, as a parallel of Wave Pool saving the community, like fire fighters do.

To see the Wave Pool’s Annual Report please click here.

New work / new media

I went to Vermont at the end of the summer with the goal of decreasing anxiety by spending time in nature and making something new with my hands. I stayed in a cabin on Lake Sadawga and immersed myself in learning how to do punch needle embroidery. I was fortunate to be able to spend time with my family outdoors.

I make lots of drawings and am intrigued by the idea of spending more time with my favorite compositions beyond the initial sketches. I have made paintings, papier mache figures and suitcase diorama environments and was open for something completely different. I fell in love with watching artists using tufting guns on you tube. I researched supplies needed and learned through making mistakes and this fall completed 6 pieces so far! I am using a small needle punch tool, not a tufting gun. I am certainly not done learning and that’s a BIG part of the fun and challenge.

I am thrilled to be showing a few of these pieces at Lump Gallery in Raleigh, North Carolina. Thank you Bill Thelen of the Drawing Room for presenting this new work!

Fresh Market Portraits

In the summer of 2020 Rachael Hammerlein asked if I wanted to work on a project to acknowledge a community partnership between The Fresh Market and Wave Pool gallery. We went into the store and met employees, asked about the work they do and photographed them. I then made this series of illustrations that were displayed where customers checked out. After the exhibition, people in the artwork were able to bring home an original portrait of themselves.

I’m proud of the outcome of this project, and if someone that is seeing this needs an illustrated series of people in a company or organization for a brochure or annual report—please contact me— I’d be happy to work with you.

Fold-in illustrated poster

Wave Pool gallery in Camp Washington asked me to design an uplifting poster to include in their Saturday food delivery boxes. When I was a kid I LOVED the Mad Magazine fold-in back page, the way the piece folds is an homage to that fold. I wanted to communicate important relationships that have been changed because of the pandemic. Close friends, classmates, and inter-generational family members have needed to put distance between one another, but what people do within that distance can be okay. Using the time to be creative and innovative and supportive of each other is the whole idea. This poster is included in a set of signed limited edition prints packaged and sold by Wave Pool.

Illustrated Book FREE Download!

Being Safe and With Others During this Coronavirus Time is a 16-page illustrated booklet from a partnership between Finding Hope Consulting, LLC, Community Supports, Inc., and the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities. Written by Mary Vicario, it is presented in a safety script format that is designed to comfort and educate safe practices around Covid-19. It was developed for centers serving people with disabilities in Ohio, but can benefit anyone, anywhere and we hope that it is distributed far and wide. Please download and print out and feel free to color into the black and white illustrations on the pages and also add your own drawings.

FREE Download here.