Workshop Poster

This poster illustrates safe and unsafe ways of coping with different situations. The drawing was used together with explanations of each concept for workshop presentations, digitally, and in printed posters and fliers by an expert in the trauma field.

Fresh Market Portraits

In the summer of 2020 Rachael Hammerlein asked if I wanted to work on a project to acknowledge a community partnership between The Fresh Market and Wave Pool gallery. We went into the store and met employees, asked about the work they do and photographed them. I then made this series of illustrations that were displayed where customers checked out. After the exhibition, people in the artwork were able to bring home an original portrait of themselves.

I’m proud of the outcome of this project, and if someone that is seeing this needs an illustrated series of people in a company or organization for a brochure or annual report—please contact me— I’d be happy to work with you.

Pink Flamingo Rescue sign

Pink Flamingo Rescue is a roaming installation that reminds us of our connection to community, despite the current conditions, created by Jeffrey Miller in the spring of 2020. Comprised of 100 portable, yard flamingos, anyone can sign up to temporarily “adopt” the flock. I worked with Jeffrey to illustrated the signs that accompany the flock.